Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson


Once again, I’m writing to let you all know what I’m up to. I am currently working on a show in Bay View Wisconsin with Soulstice Theatre called “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”. I am playing Rachel Jackson, Andrew’s wife. This show takes historical topics and translates them into 21st century language. The music is Rock and Roll (but alternative, similar to Green Day and Blink 182). Of course, it is dramaticized and artistic license has been taken, but for the most part it stays true to the history as it actually happened. And Andrew Jackson was more than just the face on our 20 dollar bill.
Now, we as a country don’t like to talk about what happened to the Native People (or what we did to them) but we should not gloss over their existence and our cruelty or we will be doomed to repeat it (if you don’t know what I am referring to, Google Dakota Pipeline). It is crucial that we not look at history through rose colored lenses, but that we see the stark reality of what we built our country on. This show asks you the most important question about how to remember our seventh President. Was he a hero or a murderer? Come see the show to find out.

Show is Rated R for language and adult references.

Tickets can be purchased here: Tickets

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